Camping At Mythmusica

Tickets for Camping !!

One Camping spot: Campers may arrive at 4pm Friday and stay until 2pm Sunday.- $80.00  

Everyone in one Car Camping spot: Campers may arrive at 4pm Friday and stay until 2pm Sunday.- $80.00 

The camping area is a very short walk from the main festival area. Campsites are in an open level field, and tent space is first come, first served, and there is room for all if kindness and common sense prevail.


There are portajohns in the camping area; campers may bring camp stoves for cooking. The physical facilities are simple. Solar showers are an option, and there may be a more-than-solar-shower available. There is one fire circle in the festival area, and 2 smaller portable fire pits can be used in the camping area. Friday evening is for for singing and drumming, telling stories around the fire. Fire performers may appear.

Pets, familiars and children are allowed, as long as they are supervised and cleaned up after. Please pack out as much trash as you can, and note that trash cans and recycling bins are not the same thing. Feel free to bring a token for one of the faerie or gnome gardens that inhabit the farm.

There is space for RV and camper parking, but no power or hookups of any kind.

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